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Joachim Coens

By 27 February 2018
Joachim Coens'BIO

President-CEO Port Authority Bruges-Zeebrugge, Belgium

Mr Joachim Coens was born in Bruges on 6 September 1966. He is married and father of four children.

After his secundary studies in Bruges, he graduated as civil engineer (construction) at the University of Louvain (Belgium) and specialised at the Technical University of Delft (the Netherlands). He is a reserve officer of the Belgian Navy.

He started his professional career as supervisor of several harbour building projects in the Middle East (UAE) for the Besix Group and was responsible for project developments in Eastern Europe for Besix between 1990 and 1995.

Since 1995 he has been alderman of the city of Damme, where he now holds the position of mayor.

In May 1995, he was also elected as a Representative in the Flemish Parliament, where he seated in several commissions, mostly with a connotation of Environment, Finances, Culture, Public Works, Mobility and Energy.

He resigned from this on 15 March 2001, in order to be President-CEO of the BrugesZeebrugge Port Authority. He is also chairman of Portconnect Ltd and of the Council consultations of the port of BrugesZeebrugge. He is member of the board of several port related companies and organisations like Portinvest Ltd, Portfineco Ltd, the Port Commission of Flanders and Voka-Chamber of Commerce West-Flanders.